Vegetabel and Meat Slicer Machine with a exit conveyor !

ECM-201 can cut leaf vegetable, chicken and sashimi and fruits into slices.

The cut products come out on a exit conveyor.

■ Due to the product exit conveyor, cut shape distortion is dramatically reduced, and product can be removed in the same order as it is cut.

■ Product movement is now stabilized prior to and after cutting by exit conveyor, which greatly reduces breakage, uneven cut size achieving true hand cut precision on all items.

■ The blade sharpness is further improved with a newly developed blade.

Material(Vegetables) Green onion, Chive, Cabbage, Radish, Cucumber, Lettuce, Spinach, Bell pepper, Burdock, Lemon grass, Okura, Celery, Long bean, Asparagus, Mushroom, Mango etc.
Material(Others) Pickles, Cooked chicken, Cooked meat, Boiled octopus, Boiled squid, Seaweed etc.
Cutting Shape Cuts, Slices, Shreds, Flat cut


High Performance operation panel

■ New advanced Touch Liquid Crystal screen makes panel operation quick and easy.

■ A detailed setting according to the cut material (hardness and shape) is possible.

■ Memory stores up to 5 presets for quick change between settings. You can now restart the previous operation by just pressing the Enter button, Reducing mistakes.

■ Error messages such as forgetting to close cover are much easier for operator to recognize as below photos show.



Belt removal cleaning is quick and easy.

After a 2 minute belt and blade removal, the entire machine is ready to be sanitized. These 2 processes enable full access to all machine surfaces requiring cleaning and sanitization.

Sanitation1 Sanitation2 Sanitation3 Sanitation4

1. How to remove belt

2. How to remove roll

3. How to remove mouth frame

4. It can be disassembled up to this state

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Machine dimensions W29.02" x L69.72" x H56.02"(W737 x L1771 x H1423mm)
Machine weight 405.65lb (184kg)

(For blade) 3-phase, 230V, 1.0A

(For conveyor) 3-phase, 230V, 1.0A

(For exit conveyor) 3-phase, 230V, 0.57A

Processing capability Depending on processing mode
Processing modes


Material path size W4.92" x H3.54"

The processing capability differs depending on the thickness of cut and the type of food used.

External Drawing(ECM-201)

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