SEVENCHEFS is a Joint Project by Nichimo & Emura



World's Largest Supplier of Slicers and Dicers from Japan.

1933, Emura, one of the premier samurai sword manufacturers in Japan, started manufacturing Slicers and Dicers by fusing old world craftsmanship with innovative technology.

Today Emura leads the industry in the production of Slicers and Dicers of the highest quality. With over 1,200 machines a year sold to markets worldwide, we invite you to see why our Slicers and Dicers are leading the market in quality, precision and value.


Nichimo has been developing its business with the fishery and marine industries as its core business domain for over ninety years since its founding in 1910 (incorporated in 1919) while responding to the changes of the times.

Based on the corporate philosophy adhered to from the time of its founding, Nichimo and Nichimo Group companies serve five areas of business -- food, marine, materials, machinery, and biotics --, placing our focus on food related sectors and under the objective of being a corporation that contributes to "the creation of an affluent healthy life."

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